Vidya Vahini stands for bearer of knowledge. The Vidya Vahini Trust's main aim is to spread the True knowledge Tradition of Vedanta. The Trust is run by persons drawn from different fields commanding considerable experience. The emblem shows a book of Veda (Embodiment of Knowledge) on a stand, against a background of (AUM). The motto of the Trust inscribed in the emblem "Come In to Study, and Go Out to Serve". 'Vidyaya Amrutam Ashnute' conveys the meaning of Freedom and Satisfaction Gained by Knowledge.

Yoga Vidya Ashram is located in a site extending over 1.50 acres of land on the East Coast Road from Chennai to Mahabalipuram (also known as Mamallapuram), on a path starting westwards opposite the Crocodile Bank. The location is in an idyllic setting close to the sea, and is easily accessible from Chennai. It commands fine natural water resources and fresh air, offering salubrious conditions to live and serve in.


The Vidya Vahini Trust has done lot of contributions through spreading knowledge apart from conducting free medical camps, counseling etc; Few contributions of Swami Ananda Chaitanya are collected and maintained here as a digital library.

News papers and Magazines:

Ama Viveka – A socio religious news paper in Odiya language founded by Swami Ananda Chaitanya (currently not available in web)

Sri – A monthly e-magazine published by Sri Team under the guidance of Swami Ananda Chaitanya.


  • Tune yourself to infinite
  • Perennial Wisdom
  • Tattva Boda
  • A few more steps
  • Guru stotram
  • Yoga Vidya


  • Tattva Boda
  • Gayatri Mantra
  • Bagavat Gita

AIM of the trust:

The Trust's aim is to serve society by promoting the following activities devoted to achieving the main and related tasks:

  • Promoting study and enquiry of Truth as taught by the Vedas and ancient scriptures, by conducting regular classes, public talks, and organizing seminars.
  • Publishing pamphlets and books on subjects connected with Vedic tradition, Indian culture, human history, and personalities who have contributed significantly to humanity.
  • Bringing out Cassettes and CD's presenting the above subjects.
  • Publishing Newspapers devoted to religion and culture in all Indian languages.
  • Establishing an Old Age Home and an institution for destitute children, to give them care, comfort, and the benefits of living, learning, and growing in a spiritually vibrant atmosphere.
  • Interacting with other organizations with similar aims for mutual benefit.
  • Encouraging and helping the young to be physically fit, to think clearly, be emotionally sound, and thereby live rewarding lives, benefiting themselves, their home and family, the work-place, and society at large.
  • Creating a climate to foster the best possible team-work, group solidarity, and social behavior.
  • Helping the needy by running medical camps, dispensaries, counseling facilities and undertaking other holistic health-awareness promotion measures.