Swami Ananda Chaitanya is a disciple of pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati of Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Coimbatore. Swami Ananda Chaitanya had the opportunity to learn directly under the traditional teaching of pujya Swamiji and he spends most of his quality time in addressing the youth.

Vidya Vahini Trust having its headquarters in Chennai is functioning to promote the values of Vedic way of living under the guidance of Swami Ananda Chaitanya. Trust conducts regularly free medical camps and gives financial and moral supports to the poor but bright students under Vidya Sri Scheme. Vidya Vahini Trust is planning to have chains of old age homes and orphanages in all over India.

Swamiji has authored many books in English and as well as in Oriya on Self improvements. He regularly addresses corporate people on Stress Management, Anger Management, and Time Management under E+ (a complete personality) program.

While addressing to the people from different walks of life, Swamiji gives importance to the day to day life problems without compromising the great Vedic tradition which is the source of all knowledge. Swamiji frequently travels to different geographical locations to address the serious aspirants across the globe.

Swamiji actively participates in promoting the Vedic tradition through media. He is the founding editor of AMA VIVEK (a socio-religious newspaper in (Oriya language). You can watch him in Taranga TV, Ulagam TV and E-TV Oriya. You can read his write ups in Sri e- magazine.