In today’s world everything around us has a prefix E. starting with the most popular Email; we have e banking, e shopping, e music etc. The list is endless. The young and old are familiar with E to be tune with E’s around us we have to become an e person. However the E here does not mean electronic. This E stands for efficiency and effectiveness leading to energy equanimity and above all enjoyment. E+ means enhanced efficiency and effectiveness which in turn transforms a person into a complete personality.

All of are efficient. Without being efficient we would not be what we are today. The purpose of this workshop is not to make people efficient, but to make efficient people enhance their efficiency by removing the hurdles which prevent them from performing efficiently on a consistent basis. It is similar to the role of a cricket coach. It is not the job of the coach to teach how to play cricket but to help the player to play to their potential consistency over a long period. In the process players become complete batsman, bowler or all rounder as the case may be.

We all know that the efficiency of any system is calculated by the simple formula output/input. If the input is correct and the system is in good condition the efficiency will tend towards maximum. On the other hand, if the input is incorrect there will be wrong output and efficiency will be other way around. The efficiency of a human being also follows the formula to some extent. But there is a difference. In case there is an error in the input the IQ of the person can correct the input and ensure that there is no change in the efficiency. There is also a possibility that in spite of giving the correct input, the efficiency may still be low. How does this happen? This is because of our EQ.

Let us take the example of a teacher suppose in a class all the students get 100% mark. The teacher will be thrilled with doubt. But imagine a situation where the principal or fellow teachers do not say anything. If the same thing repeats, will the teacher continue to perform the same way? On the other hand, imagine a situation where all the students have scored very low marks. When principal summons the teacher he will naturally be expecting the worst. In this situation if the principal tells he teacher that in spite of his good performance the students have not scored marks, and he is confident that the next time all the students would score 100%. What will be the reaction of the teacher!

The main thing here is the sense of appreciation or lack of it which affects the efficiency. This is the role of EQ. The appreciation part however is not in our control. How nice it would be if we get appreciated every time we perform well. However in practice this rarely happens and affects our performance considerably. Would not it be great to have a technique or mantra to make people appreciate us? But in long run this may become counter productive as we may tend to use this every time even when the performance is not up to the mark.

Today we are here to learn how to appreciate ourselves all the time. Once we learn to appreciate ourselves we will find that other others start appreciating us. Thus the benefits will be three folds.

1. Our personal efficiency will go up.
2. As a team member the efficiency of the team will go up.
3. As a member of an organization the efficiency of the organization will go up.