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The word Sri represents Goddess Lakshmi (Goddess of Prosperity). Further, it stands for abundance, auspiciousness, affluence, grace, wealth, light, splendor, beauty, loveliness and authority. It is also an honorific prefixed with the People those who are from East, especially a person who belongs Vedic way of living as a title of respect and esteem.

The word Sri means where one love to cling to or to depend upon is again nothing but oneself or the God. In our culture, the word Sri is being used before any Deities and even before sacred texts like Sri Ramayana, Srimad Bhagavad Gita etc. when it is used before a person, not only it serves as an honorific prefix like Mr./Mrs./Miss but also it reminds us to get connected with the totality all the time at any circumstances. In fact, we represent first totality and then individual. But unfortunately, we express our individuality first and then come totality. That’s why the more individuality in our life, the more problem we go through. To lessen the individuality in our day to day life we need to get connected with totality; we need to bring more and more Isvara in one’s life. Let this Sri help all of us to get connected with the totality and allow ourselves to grow out of our problems is my sincere prayer to the ultimate mother Sri… - Swami Ananda Chaitanya

Sri Team:

The Sri team is formed by a group of young aspirants and it functions under the guidance of Swami Ananda Chaitanya.

Documentation Team Leader: Gautam

Concept and Design Team Leader: Sanjeevi Rangan

Future Plans: 

Sri Team is planning to bring in more topics that are related to the current socio-religious issues and to help in building the harmony through knowledge.

In near future, SRI team is planning to launch a web TV for webcasting the SRI TV programs.

If you are really interested in contributing to SRI, you can join the SRI team and contribute directly or you can support financially by donating funds.

You can contribute in many ways. You can write to us ( with a subject line ‘join Sri Team’ if you fit in any of the following categories.

1. I am a SME (subject matter expert in fields like Sanskrit language, music, astrology, yoga, nutrition, ayurveda etc.) and I wish to contribute an article regularly.

2. I have good documentation skills and I wish to edit, review the articles.

3. I have good artistic skills and I wish to be part of design team.

4. I am good at drawing and cartoons; I would like to be the part of design team.

5. I am knowledgeable in handling design software tools; I would like to be the part of design team.

6. I am a good translator and I wish to translate the SRI e-magazine in my local language.

7. I have interest in social issues; I would like to contribute the socio religious issues segments in Sri Magazine.

8. I am good in concept visualization, I would like to contribute by suggesting different concepts that are in line with Vedic way of living to improve SRI magazine.

9. I am good at anchoring; I wish to be an anchor in SRI TV.

10. I have hands on experience in handling video cameras and shooting. I would like to be the part of SRI studio team.

11. I am good at web designing and web casting; I would like to be the part of SRI web team.

12. I am good at lighting, video editing; compositing, color grading, chroma keying and I would like to be the part of SRI TV VFX team.

You can donate the funds to vidya vahini trust online or through DD in favor of Vidya Vahini trust.

Disclaimer: The SRI team reserves all rights to accept, modify and/or reject all the contributions and team membership at any point of time without any prior intimation. The team tries to ensure that any of the contents available in any form through SRI does not criticize or hurt anybody or any organization. However, the author of the content is solely responsible for content available in SRI.