Man of open mind is indeed man of appreciation. When we want appreciation from others we need to keep our mind open. But most of the time we keep our mind closed or mind gets closed. We come across different types of situations in our life. Corresponding to the given situations our mind acts or reacts.

The percentage of the reaction is much higher than the action that we take in our day to day life. Even though reaction is another type of action still it is called a mechanical action. The more one reacts the more he/she becomes mechanical in life. Let us think of ourselves and ponder where do we stand?

Stress has become part of our life because of mechanical way of living. The stress if not addressed carefully invites different types of diseases in to our systems. As medical science says, 90 percentage of total diseases comes under psychosomatic disease is nothing but related to the mind. - Swami Ananda Chaitanya

The Yoga Vidya level 1 package prepares a person to overcome the diseases that he/she has and in the process helps to handle ones own stress that comes in his/her life. This course is designed by Swami Ananda Chaitanya for a beginner who does not have any exposure to Yoga at all.

You can undergo Yoga Vidya level 1 course as a weekend course or as a residential course by registering yourself or your group or your corporate team at a mutually convenient time schedule. Registration is done at Yoga Vidya ashram, Tiruvidandhai, Chennai.